To explore, discover and create a deep pre formal educational foundation: We play hard, we have fun, we at Epcot are number one!


Epcot: Our school is named after the Science and Discovery Centre in Disney World, Orlando, Florida.  We hope that one day our children will have the opportunity to visit this marvelous learning centre and experience, first hand, the true wonders of the 21st century.


Epcot Pre-School’s approach to education is unique and innovative. We employ a process of positive reinforcement to implement our teaching methods.  Our purpose is to help each child to be the best they can, to foster confidence and a positive self esteem while keeping in mind the uniqueness of each child.


Our school is conveniently situated en route to major retail shopping malls and upmarket retail office blocks of Umhlanga, Mount Edgecombe, La Lucia, Durban North and Glen Ashley.  Our address is 7 Newport Ave, Durban North, which is an exclusive northern suburb of Durban North.  We boast sea views and a large child friendly environment.

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